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Fic: Scamp (1/?)
Fic: Scamp (1/?)
Rating: Will range from PG to R for sexual situations and language
Pairing: Garak/Bashir
Warnings: AU! Proceed at your own risk
Notes: Written (belatedly) for the ds9agogo Station Ficathon. The prompt: Garak/Bashir. An AU where they’re all on a starship and Cardassia is a new-ish member of the Federation. Garak is one of the first Cardassians to serve in Starfleet.
Additional author's notes: I finally got this off the ground after starting it more than a year ago. Damn writer's block! Anyway, although it is an AU, I try not to get too ridiculous with it, though I give the Defiant some capabilities that it didn't really have in the Prime universe. I had wanted to set this in the same universe as found in the TNG episode "Parallels," since the Capt. Riker ship had a Cardassian on the bridge, but I remembered that universe was at war with the Bajorans, so Kira's presence would have been odd. So this takes place in a universe just like Parallels, except Picard is alive and there's no war with Bajor.

Lieutenant Commander Elim Garak re-read the data on the padd he was holding before handing it back with a smile to the young engineer who had delivered it.

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