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Dialogue woes
So, I'm working on synthesis Harry/Severus fic, but I'm running into dialogue troubles. My Severus and Harry just can't seem to sustain a long conversation with each other. It's a little weird - I can believably write decent stretches of dialogue with Lucius and Severus, with Severus and Dumbledore, with Ron and Harry, with Ron/Harry/Hermione, but not Snape/Harry. It's a little weird, because:

a) They sort of had conversations in the books.

b) A lot of my favorite writers have enabled them to talk without apparent hardship.

I suspect that what is really blocking me is that I love reading dialogue, but writing it bores me. It's weird, but writing paragraph after paragraph of:





Is just boring to write, so I assume that it's boring for other people to read. Of course, I adore dialogue-heavy and/or dialogue-only stories, which only adds to the weirdness. So, Rekka, my beta, has given me "homework.: Write a dialogue-heavy and/or dialogue-only piece so that I can see what it is about having those two talk that bugs me. She's a task master, that one. Working on it now, and would adore any and all feedback when I post.

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Post away, dear. There can never be too much Snarry posted on myh flist, and I promise I'll comment!

Always happy to read Snarry written by you. :)

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